Whether you’re an advanced athlete or just getting started, it’s your “why” that propels you forward to reach your goals and to have the potential to surpass them. Regardless of your path, at Caymus Nutrition, our goal is to give you that “extra” you need to be “battle ready”. There are individuals who have a clear path to the fitness level they seek to achieve while for most of us the road is paved with challenges and roadblocks that can step in the way of our goals. We’ve seen both sides of this battle, the entire spectrum of people’s journeys, and there’s one central element we all share. Motivation is essential.Our supplements are tools for the journey to keep you driven and motivated to push forward, battle on, and break through those challenges and roadblocks to consistently achieve the best version of you.

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No Fluff. No Gimmicks. No BS.

Logically speaking, every formula is designed with purpose and is scalable for your tolerance to help you set your own pace. Caymus Nutrition supplements are made with clinically-researched ingredients, then extensively tested and refined by athletes, personal trainers, and everyday warriors seeking an edge in the battle for fitness success. 

Caymus Nutrition arose from a unique story. Our founder grew up as a competitive athlete whose life was turned upside down when an unforeseen health issue led to a failed surgery. Over the next 30 years, he would endure another 25 surgeries and recoveries with each procedure leading to another warning from doctors to reduce activity and “take it easy”. He tried that approach, but the surgeries and setbacks kept coming anyway. That was not going to work for him. He decided to fight harder, work harder, and train harder. If more surgeries, more challenges, more fights were coming, he would be as prepared physically and mentally as possible. Thus, his “battle ready” mentality was born. This “battle ready” attitude was the start of his journey, a new path, lifestyle, and mentality where he ultimately took charge of his health through diet, advanced fitness training, and supplementation to build a stronger, leaner, healthier, body inside and out.

Everyone’s story is different, but through training and supplementation, he was able to transform and fortify his body and mind, making it possible to enjoy a full-throttle, robust lifestyle. Over the years, his journey inspired him to launch a career in the supplement and fitness industry to share his experience with the fittest of fit and those that endure similar challenges so they too may find a healthier solution. Now, with over 20 years of supplement industry experience, he has created Caymus Nutrition to meet the evolving needs of athletes, working parents and professionals, bodybuilders and everyday “battle ready” warriors.

No matter your story, we all share circumstances that must be overcome. We all know the feeling of failure. We also all know the cure for failure is drive. We stay driven, we stay in the fight, we strive for better every day, and after each victory, we stay battle ready.

Simply stated, everyone has a challenge. Caymus is here to help you smash it. While Caymus Nutrition prides itself on clinically-researched and athlete-tested ingredients and products, our ultimate success is proving to be the best supplements for your victories.

All Caymus Nutrition products are backed by a quality and efficacy guarantee. What’s on our label is in the product. No fluff. No gimmicks. No BS. 

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