Kevin Ofurum

NPC Judge and Chiropractor
IFBB Pro 212 bodybuilder

I started weight training in Jan. 1999 and today I train 5-6x per week with weights + some cardio, increasing cardio during pre-contest preparation. Kevin’s first competition was in August 2000 where he won 1st of our 17 men, “...and I never looked back!” From 2000 to 2012, Kevin has competed in numerous regional shows and numerous national level shows between 2002 - 2013. In 2013, his hard work was realized when he earned professional status at the 2013 USA Championships in Las Vegas by winning the Light Heavyweight class. He continued to compete in several pro shows from 2013 - 2018, and is considering a comeback in 2022. Stay tuned! 

Madison Nicoloff


My superpower is the ability to bring someone back to life! I am an ICU Registered Nurse, so I have done this several times during my career and each time I feel like a superhero!

How I train: I am a bikini bodybuilder, so my training is predominantly weight training with emphasis on glutes and shoulders. I also do moderate intensity cardio with varying durations depending on what part of the season I am in.A mantra that I live by: “Look good, feel good, do good”. I think that if you feel your best, you present yourself in a way that can bring greatness into this world. Of course, some days it’s not easy to feel your best but it’s the mindset that will help guide you.

Michael Powers

Men’s Physique Competitor

Michael has been lifting weights since 2009, “I got into it because when I started I was 5’11 and 120lbs so I wanted to gain muscle for sports as well as self confidence, and with dedication with in 5 years into training, dieting, and top quality nutrition/ supplements I got up to 226lbs.” Michael loves to do compound exercises with progressive overload style. He has been competing in Men's Physique since 2013, but fitness and living a healthy life mentally and physically is his lifestyle, “it’s just as important of a routine as drinking water is to me”.Superpower: “I love to Train MMA & Muay Thai, it’s my favorite form of cardio and it helps me push my limits!”Mantra: In my life integrity and always going above and beyond in everything I do is the most valuable way of life so these quotes are huge for me. “Do what you say & Say what you do” & “No Venture No Gain”

Ashley Argo

NPC Bodybuilding CompetitorSuperpower: NQ Wellness Athlete and Meal Prep Hack Extraordinaire

Mantra: "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great will make you feel that you, too, can become great."

Christian James

Certified Personal Trainer for 23 years

Classic Physique Competitor

Ciara Martinez

WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Keto and Lifestyle Coach

As a business owner, professional competitor and mother of three, I have a no excuses approach to health and fitness. At the age of 29, I looked beyond my genetics and shifted my focus to weight lifting, determined to build the body I wanted to see. I’ll never forget the first time wearing shorts and bikinis in my adult life and feeling truly confident at 31 years old. As a transformation specialist, I have shown countless clients first hand and through experience, if you have the drive, the right trainer and dedication, you too can change the narrative and change your story. All you have to do is shift your beliefs about yourself, and do the work.

Chris Williams

NPC competitor, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist

Mantra: “If the mind is willing, the body will follow in every endeavor of life.”Christopher Williams is from Brooklyn, NY. Early in life, Chris was a well accomplished High School athlete and earned a scholarship from University of Nevada Las Vegas where he was a 4-year letterman for the Runnin Rebels Basketball team. After earning his MBA, Chris worked in corporate America for several years before finding his passion in health and fitness where, today, he holds 4 different certifications for training and nutrition, and is transforming into a nationally qualified bodybuilder.